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Penobscot Bay Estate, Coastal Maine Wedding Venue


Our family knows that a wedding is not just an event.

It celebrates everything that truly matters: family, friends, and love.

People of all backgrounds, faiths, and the LGBTQ+ community are welcomed and valued at our venue.

World's Greatest

The Story of the Property

In 1979 Ed & Carolyn Russell were newlyweds living in Winterport, Maine. One day they came across a home on the other side of town. It was perched on the most beautiful piece of land they had ever seen. They knocked on the door, introduced themselves, and asked if the property was for sale. The owner, an older woman, said it was not. In 1986 Ed & Carolyn received a phone call. The lady on the bay had died and had given first right of refusal to "the nice couple from across town."

They packed up their three young kids and spent the next 35 years infusing this property with love and memories. 

In 2017 their youngest daughter, Emerald, had her dream wedding on the family's property. She planned a short engagement to ensure that her mother, Carolyn, who was living with Early Onset Alzheimer's, could be as present for the special day as possible. By a miracle of sorts, Carolyn had her clearest day in months. The wedding was nothing but joyful. Carolyn lost her battle with Alzheimer's three years later.

We hope that our property will give your family and friends a joyful, magical experience, and perhaps a miracle of your own.

The Penobscot Bay Estate Team

We are a family business, created by Emerald & Kurt Forcier in 2022. Emerald grew up on this property and knows every inch like the back of her hand. They were married here in 2017 and it was one of the most magical days of their lives. Now they want to share it with you!

They enjoy building the business together, and including their two children, Maisie & Miles in the process. 

Forcier Family, Penobscot Bay Estate
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