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Are you excited to get married, but feeling a bit overwhelmed with the planning process?
You are NOT alone! 

What the internet is feeding you:

  • Planning Checklists

  • Design inspiration (Yes, of course a $12,000 table design is pretty. It is also unrealistic.)

  • Articles telling you what you might regret, forget, or do wrong

What is NOT being fed to you​:

  • Help with the very real topic of financial stress

  • Help with the stressful family dynamics of planning a wedding

  • Validation that everything you are feeling is normal

Wedding Decorations

I can help.

As a wedding venue owner, I have met with countless couples who are feeling the exact same way. 

They cannot wait to marry one another, and they cannot wait to celebrate with their loved ones. 

But, they are feeling overwhelmed by the financial pressure and never-ending sticker shock of their wedding.

And they are feeling frustrated, resentful, or guilty about the ways their families are helping, are not helping, or are attaching strings to their help.

Let's start small

I have created a very short, and inexpensive mini-course to help you catch your breath a bit, prevent family conflict or stress before it crops up, and kick off wedding planning with a plan to enjoy the process and keep your sanity! 

Dear Friend,

It is extremely normal to feel overwhelmed during the wedding planning process. But the wedding industry is only comfortable labeling it as “overwhelm” because that’s as deep as the resources that currently exist go.


But no spreadsheet or checklist can make your budget bigger or your future mother in law less overbearing!

The truth is that “overwhelm” often develops into significant stress during wedding planning, and the last thing you want is for your wedding to LOOK like your dream, but FEEL overrun with financial stress, or frustration with your loved ones.

It is my hope that this course helps you intentionally craft your dream wedding, and guides you through important conversations to prevent conflict with your loved ones, and most importantly, with one another.

You can have the intentional wedding that looks AND feels like your dream.

Happy Planning!

Emerald Forcier

Owner & CEO, Penobscot Bay Estate


The Story of Penobscot Bay Estate

This special video introduces you to Emerald Forcier, Owner of Penobscot Bay Estate, and her family. Learn about the property's special history, and it's work today as a legacy project in honor of Emerald's late mother, Carolyn.

The Penobscot Bay Estate Team

We are a family business, created by Emerald & Kurt Forcier in 2022. Emerald grew up on this property and knows every inch like the back of her hand. They were married here in 2017 and it was one of the most magical days of their lives. Now they want to share it with you!

They enjoy building the business together, and including their two children, Maisie & Miles in the process. 

Forcier Family, Penobscot Bay Estate
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